What you will know after you finish this tutorial

The tutorial is really simple but should be enough of a head start to writing applications using Pyramid Web Framework. By the end of it you should have a basic understanding of templating, working with databases, using URL routes to launch our business logic(views) and authentication, example of form library usage and pagination of our blog entries.

Pyramid_blogr makes some initial assumptions:

  • Will use alchemy scaffold with SQLAlchemy as its ORM layer
  • Mako templates will be our choice for templating engine
  • URL dispatch will be the default way for our view resolution
  • A single user in database will be created in setup phase
  • Will perform a simple authentication of the user
  • Authenticated user will be able to make blog entries
  • The entries will be listed from newest to oldest one
  • We will use webhelpers package for pagination
  • WTForms form library will provide form validation

This tutorial was originally created by Marcin Lulek, developer, freelancer and founder of https://appenlight.com.